Tool kits for Creativity

Student Work // 2010

MetaMods were designed to engage the user's creativity. They are modular toys and puzzles created to show how using a simple set of inherent limitations can actually allow the user to experience the accomplishment associated with creativity more readily.
    The MetaMods are made up of four sets: The Tetrad; a four piece block set which challenges the user to find new and interesting things to build, Isotile; a set of tiles which when place together form an isometric illusion, Box Type; cubes printed with either a curve, contour, fill or blank which gives the user endless possibilities for experimenting with figure and ground, Quarts; a set of diamond blocks which fit together in impossible ways. Accompanying the sets are a suite of brochures providing basic instructions.

Take a look at some other things I've made:

Times of Brunswick

Print // Brunswick

Leadership Conference

Branding // AXIS Capital


Product Design

Walter Wheeler

Invitation // FBC

Great American Clean-Up

Print // Keep America Beautiful

Old Heidelberg




CADC Awards Show

Branding // CADC

Awesome Opossum

Branding // Illustration

Inauguration Invitation

Print // Iona College

Station Domination

Advertising // St.Josephs

Sirius Decisions

Print // Sales Materials

Landmark Ventures Events


You and I Campaign

Branding // UCONN Foundation

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